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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me expecting..


Haa dah lama tak blog yes m so busy and tight with the ahmads which is now always said NO and shuuu to mama. Owh another Zaida i guess. Getting there. Not to mention the complaints. They love to complaints they only want warm milk. Owh phulessee... so diva in those boys. Karma karma Karma.... Well so far aku happy with their progress start talking and running and now dah start to swim. Cepatnya anak amam besar.

Anyway from last check up doc said m expecting girl. Alhamdullilah but next check up akan more confirmed. Cukup kuota 3 and completed the family. Apa yang lainnya this time pregnant nak amakan ice cream and sayur je. I lost 5 kg already yaa i know not good. Will improve soon. mission dalam pantang nak turunkan berat pada 56kg. Boleh!!!! Also skin more glowing and banyak songeh. Suka masak and tak suka rumah kotor kene neat and tidy as u go.

Planning sebelum beranak nak renovate my dapur cause ada rezeki lebih. And rasa nak renovate rumah abah sekali. Hehehe boleh memandai nak renovate umah orang. Yelah aku rasa umah dia tu could be done better. Aku nak jadik architec dia. Boleh. Owhh psst he got his torch already. Abah said thank you please hahahaha.... Bukan apa dulu masa pindah tak sempat nak renovate and now duit ada kederat ada buat le. So far aku tengah tengok kitchen kabinet. Hemm also planning to buy another house. Boleh?

I am too obsess with the baby girl name!I want it to be A.... D... yes yes follow the twins brother. i can imagine the ahmads will be over protective towards their little sister. I am sure. Now pun dah sibuk peluk peluk perut aku. and call baby baby.. siapa la ngajor tak tau. I hope they can be a good abang to the little one. Sghud teach them how to change diapers already. hahahaha

Oklah got to go just got back from Koh Samui and the workload are like the waves of Samui.

p/s: tak sabar nak tengok rupa baby girl hehehehe


Blogger za:le:la said...

tahniah, beb..
semoga bertambah murah rezeki untuk seluruh kaum kerabat..
A and D are an awesome combination and you might get confused which one to choose.. good luck!
really good to have you back in blog..

January 18, 2011 6:02 PM  
Blogger zaida Ismail said...

hahaha thank you beb.. wondering and jumbling the names now. totally excited!

January 18, 2011 6:03 PM  
Blogger OneSimpleMother said...

lama menyepi rupanya sudah berbadan dua lagi zaida ye.. anyway congrats. hope dapat girl comey macam abang2nya.. :)

January 21, 2011 3:03 PM  

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