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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Leavin to Kuantan! Leavin the Ahmads!


I m leavin to Kuantan esok. Ya man!!! The abandon twins will be missing their hyper mom!!! M gonna missed their cakaran harimau too... 4 days. Soon will be long. Will be sending thwm to babysitter and peting papa diorang yang cerewet akan amik diorang petang and send them every morning. Kesian la my AHMADS!

Progress of twins... so far dah pandai panjat and bounce ball. Talking certain words like Papa.. tu... ni... dah... eiii... tapi m sure dia tak paham apa mende semua tu they just familiar with those word and i find it kindda cute. yes my babies nak jadik anak teruna dah u ols... cepatnya. This week they turned 10 months. Hope i can plan something for their 1st burfday. Double trouble cake yay!!!

Ok got to go m off to Putrajaya to Angah's place for dinner yummy and m hungry!